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【All-you-can-drink menu with 120 minutes】 January season seasonal meal course \ 6000 course

【All-you-can-drink menu with 120 minutes】 January season seasonal meal course \ 6000 course

6000 yen

It is the amount of money per person, including cooking, drinks, taxes and service charges.

  • 7items
  • 2-50persons
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes!

Available days for reservation
Tue - Friday

Meeting table which can enjoy the seasonal dishes arranged on the table.We prepare \ 6000 course with free drink! How about it at various meetings, alumni associations etc If you are close to Hiroshima station, you can attend even afar from peacefully.

Course menu

Celebration gathering ※ The celebrations are served until 10th

Making fresh from the making market

Simmered winter radish spicy liver

Grilled meat dish pig oil

Steaming Seven Fukuhisa Steaming

Meals Japanese soba

Sweet green tea jelly

* It may be changed somewhat depending on the purchase situation etc.

Japanese Cuisine Momiji Kyo Chef Yokota Hideji

All-you-can-drink menu

· Bing beer
· Asahis - pa-dry giraffe squeezing beer
· Shochu
· Potato shochu wheat shochu (water split · hot water split · lock)
· Kamo Tsurumoto brewing dry (hot · always)
· High Ball · Ginger - High Bowl · Cog Height · Water Round · Lock
· Chu-hi
· Giant Peak · Lemon · Lime · Calpis
· Asahi Dry Zero
·Soft drink
· Bird dragon tea · koala · jinja · · calp · orange
· You can add wine (red · white) or chill (Kamo crane) with ※ + 700 (tax and service charge).Both can be added by +1000 (tax and service charge).

2019/01/11 update